Ilya Trading Group


Ilya Trading Group

Ilya Trading Group Services includes consulting, ordering goods and obtaining import licenses, providing business cards, receiving customs exemptions from the Ministry of Commerce, clearing the goods by the most qualified domestic clearance agents and internationally guaranteed goods guaranteed to be delivered to buyer.

Ilya Trading Group's Background

Ilya Trading Group

International Trading Ilya Trading Group began work in 2006. This business group initially started its activities with importing and exporting countries in Turkey and the UAE, as well as with China in the field of imports from China, and after 13 years of brilliant experience and having experienced and experienced personnel in world trade, Expanded its activities in the field of industrial machinery. By consulting with us while accessing the latest market conditions, you can get in touch with us and ask for your business needs.


Mohsen Hendi

Managing Director

Maryam Asadi

Commercial Manager


Financial Manager

Reza Karimi

Human Resources Manager